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17935 Sky Park Cir
Irvine, CA, 92614
United States

(949) 752-7788


The mission of International Sanctuary is to empower people rescued from trafficking to transform themselves into survivors by embracing their true identity and worth. 


The mission of International Sanctuary is to empower people escaping human trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth. By providing meaningful employment through International Sanctuary's social enterprise, Purpose Jewelry, girls are able to support themselves and obtain job training and experience. Through iSanctuary's wide range of holistic care services young women can begin to heal and grow in mind, body, and soul. It is iSanctuary's mission to not just sustain victims of modern-day slavery, but to provide the tools and life skills they need to embrace their true identity and worth, and transform into survivors with true freedom. 

iSanctuary offers the missing piece to reintegration.
— Sherri Harris, Program Specialist, Office of Refugee Resettlement Anti-Trafficking Program


                        > Medical Care

                        > Dental Care

                        > Mental Health

                        > Micro-loans


                          > Education

                          > Scholarships

                          > Job Training

                          > Employment



                   > Life Skills Counseling

                   > Mentoring

                   > Trusting Relationships

                   > Dignity & Respect


2020 Plan:

By 2020, iSanctuary will create 10 new sanctuaries worldwide where girls and women are transformed into survivors. To learn more about this vision visit the 2020 Plan page. 


iSanctuary will be opening a fully functioning, innovative academy to help rescued girls regain their lost education. Many girls, sold by the time they were 9 or 10, never had the chance to pursue an education. Most have the equivalent to a third grade level education and lack the basic foundations to pass the equivalent of a GED examination at 33%.



Your donation will go towards supporting young girls and women
on their journey to restoration. Together we can provide the care and 
services they need to succeed.